‘Naked Molerat’ wins ‘Best Science Film’ at Green Screen!

“Naked Molerat – Natures Weirdest Superhero” was awarded “Best Science Film” at this year’s Green Screen Festival!

Here’s how the jury justified its decision: ”Science films are often considered dull and incomprehensible. But there is another way. Humorous, entertaining and excellently filmed, the filmmaker uses the example of a small animal to shed light on great human issues.”

We were also very pleased that the film screening at the festival was attended by many families with children! There was laughter and amazement. For them and for us it was a touching and wonderful experience!

The naked mole rat may not be the most beautiful little mammal, but it for sure is one of the most fascinating: the almost hairless, wrinkled ‘sand puppies’ are a true scientific wonder! They are cold blooded mammals that do not get cancer, do not feel pain and their bone structure never degrades; even 30-year-old queens have the bones of new-born. But how do they do it?

The film goes on a journey to unravel the secrets of the naked mole rat, as we follow their traces from the African savannah into the laboratories of the world.

A film produced for ZDF/arte, National Geographic Channels and Smithsonian Channel.

Director: Herbert Ostwald

Producer: Claudia Zenkert

For ZDF: Ann-Christin Hornberger

For Nat Geo Channels: Ben Noot

For Smithsonian: Joy Galane