Smithsonian Channel explores the fascinating landscapes of Europe’s ‘Wild Castles’

Europe’s castles are world-famous – Neuschwanstein, Carcassonne, or the Alhambra. Less known is the animal world around them – and within their walls. Wild Castles takes the viewer on a discovery trip to Europe’s most famous castles and palaces, but discovers more than just the history of the rulers and wars.

The series explores the wild beauty of nature in which the buildings stand, and with which they are connected in a fascinating way. For the rulers have not only changed nature around themselves – nature has also written history.

Starting tomorrow, Smithsonian Channel will run one episode of our series “Wild Castles” each week: 

This week will explore Heidelberg Castle, 500 years old and once home to the Germany’s first university. Now, it has become part of the surrounding ecosystem. From toads swimming in the grounds’ fountains to peregrine falcons nesting in the bell tower, tour a medieval mausoleum steeped in nature.