From the first newshounds, the town criers, with their ‘oyez, oyez, lend me your ears’ to twitter- the 140 character instant reporting tool, journalism has a long and storied past. But the press today faces an uncertain future. Under attack by political leaders and demagogues from their bully pulpit, under fire in conventional and unconventional war zones across the world, it has also lost the trust of the public in 82% of countries recently surveyed. And yet, now more than ever, journalists need to be the world’s independent eyes and ears, and root out corruption and wrongdoing. In this 6 part series, we travel from the moment when the telegraph gave birth to modern journalism to today to examine not only the vital role that the press has played in developing and shoring up democracy but also show how fundamental it has been to our society. We will reveal how journalists have held the powerful and the criminals to account, where they sometimes went wrong and what is being done to rebuild trust in the messenger. Journalism matters. Without it, without an informed public, there can be no democracy, no checks and balances, no truth. And the stakes are as high now as they have ever been in history — perhaps higher.