On the trail of past crimes: “Crime Scene: Antiquity”

Crime has been around since the beginning of mankind. Human history tells stories of rage and hate, of greed and suffering, of death and destruction. Nothing lets us look deeper into the dark abysses of a past epoch than the murders and misdeeds committed in it.

But many crimes of the past are still unsolved today. Neither the perpetrators have been caught, nor is there any evidence against them. What was impossible then is possible now: With the methods of modern science, numerous crimes from ancient times can be solved thousands of years later. High-tech diagnostics, experimental archaeology and forensic procedures help to solve criminal cases that at first glance appear mysterious and enigmatic.

In the five-part documentary series “Crime Scene Ancient”, profilers, weapons experts, human geneticists and historians identify the perpetrators. In an amazing way, the international team of experts succeeds frequently in shedding light on the darkness of historical criminal cases.

“Crime Scene: Antiquity” will run on Sunday, November 11, 2020 at 8:15 pm on ZDFinfo and in the ZDF Mediathek.

Switch on and learn all about shocking finds, mysterious ritual murders and prehistoric acts of revenge!