Werner and Rudolph Herzog work together on “Last Exit: Space”

Werner Herzog and his son, Rudolph Herzog, will partner with Gunpowder & Sky on “Last Exit: Space,” a new documentary examining mankind’s push to colonize space. Rudolph Herzog will direct, with Werner Herzog attached to executive produce the film, as well as narrate the picture in his inimitable German-accented growl. In addition to Gunpowder & Sky,…

“A Bee’s Diary” on Sky Nature

November 1 is the premiere date for A Bee’s Diary on SkyNature. Humans have treasured honeybees for centuries, but there’s much more to bees than meets the eye. Some bees are curious and bold, others are timid and skittish. Learn all about these little creatures in our documentary “A Bee’s Diary”!  

Happy World Bee Day!

Happy World Bee Day! 🐝   Time to discover the life of a bee. Our documentary “A Bee’s Diary” portrays the life of one bee from birth to death, combining incredible footage with the latest science to capture the beauty of her world, the decisions she makes, and the drama that comes with being a…