On the trail of past crimes: “Crime Scene: Antiquity”

Crime has been around since the beginning of mankind. Human history tells stories of rage and hate, of greed and suffering, of death and destruction. Nothing lets us look deeper into the dark abysses of a past epoch than the murders and misdeeds committed in it. But many crimes of the past are still unsolved…

Werner and Rudolph Herzog work together on “Last Exit: Space”

Werner Herzog and his son, Rudolph Herzog, will partner with Gunpowder & Sky on “Last Exit: Space,” a new documentary examining mankind’s push to colonize space. Rudolph Herzog will direct, with Werner Herzog attached to executive produce the film, as well as narrate the picture in his inimitable German-accented growl. In addition to Gunpowder & Sky,…

“A Bee’s Diary” on Sky Nature

November 1 is the premiere date for A Bee’s Diary on SkyNature. Humans have treasured honeybees for centuries, but there’s much more to bees than meets the eye. Some bees are curious and bold, others are timid and skittish. Learn all about these little creatures in our documentary “A Bee’s Diary”!