Exciting places, cultural treasures and vast landscapes right in front your cabin window!

For centuries, rivers in Europe have brought goods and people together – waterways are lifelines for the entire continent. This is one of the reasons why the most important metropoles, castles, palaces, churches and monasteries were built on their banks.

Today, river cruisers follow these streams. Exciting places, cultural treasures, and vast landscapes glide past them. Sometimes they pass through man-made industrial landscapes and then again through nature. Sometimes the river flows leisurely, sometimes the waters are raging. A constant spectacle right in front of the cabin window – a world worth discovering as part of our series River Cruises.

It starts on Monday the 31.07.2023 at 18:30h on Arte.

In the first episode we sail from Potsdam to Prague. On our journey, we first go over the Havel into the Elbe and later over the Vltava to the Czech capital. The cruise passengers get to know the waterway cross of Magdeburg, where ships cross the Elbe, visit a graduation tower, where “white gold” is extracted with brine from great depths, explore Meissen, Wittenberg, Dresden and get the opportunity for an excursion on the oldest steamboat in Europe still heated with coal. A nature conservationist leads to the Elbe beavers and shows their importance for the preservation of the river floodplains. Climbers in the sandstone mountains demonstrate how carefully they have to handle this mountain landscape. And in the “golden city” of Prague, the focus is not only on the famous Charles Bridge, but also on “urban farming”.

Sounds exciting? Then we’d love for you to tune in or click in!

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