Emmy® Award nomination for ‚Killer in the Caves‘

Our science thriller “Killer in the Caves” is nominated for an Emmy in the category ‘Outstanding Cinematography’. The award will be presented on September 30th at the Emmy Awards Ceremony in New York. “Killer In The Caves” shows the greatest killing in the history of North America, because millions of bats die in the US….

‘Charlemagne’ awarded as best docu-drama

We are delighted to receive the “Best Docu-Drama Award” for “Charlemagne” at this year’s Impact Media Summit in Turin. The Impact Media Summit awards outstanding performances in TV, film and the web every year. “Charlemagne” was able to defy the big favorite “Killing Lincoln” (National Geographic) and we are very proud!

‚Human‘ shooting in the Arabian desert

A world of inceasing natural disaster and interrupted hopes, yet one full of opportunity for our miraculous ancestors – the thinking ape. Join two-time Gemini-winning anthropologist Niobe Thompson on an astonishing journey back in time, as he pulls back the curtain on a world in constant, violent convulsion. From the climate shift that created the first…

AAAS Kavli Award for ‚Killer in the Caves‘

Our science thriller “Killer in the Caves” has won this year’s AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award. The prize is awarded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest scientific society. It honours journalists who make science and scientific work accessible to a large audience. “Killer in the Caves” is a…

Emmy® Award for taglicht media

We are proud of the Emmy® Award attributed to our co-production “Jesse Owens” at the 34th Emmys in the “Outstanding Research” category. We congratulate the whole Jesse Owens team! In cooperation with firelight media in New York, taglicht media researched and implemented the German side of the story of the historic Olympian victory of black…

‘Greece – The Islands’ on ARTE

From the August 12 to 16 Arte will take us on a trip to Greece. Ou five-part series explores the Greek islands. 12.08.2013 – The Cyclades 13.08.2013 – The Dodecanese 14.08.2013 – Crete 15.08.2013 – The Ionian Islands 16.08.2013 – The Peloponnese This series will also be available on DVD soon!