The Alzheimer’s Enigma – New ways of treating Alzheimer’s Disease


Since its discovery in 1906 doctors have been struggling to find a cure against Alzheimer’s Disease. Yet even after decades of research and billions of dollars spent, scientists have so far failed to find a therapy that can stop the disease – or even slow down its progress. So far science has identified two processes in the brain that are believed to cause an inflammation and thus lead to the neuronal dying and the symptomatic memory loss. However, another multi-million Dollar study (Biogen’s Aducanumab) has just been terminated prematurely and alternative approaches to understanding the disease gain traction. Among them a renowned German research team that sees the inflammation not as the cause of the disease, but as the body’s attempt to cure itself.  And an American team, that has shown that it’s possible to trick the brain into thinking it is healthy, which in consequence will make the brain measurably healthier. Maybe it’s time to rethink a few paradigms of Alzheimer’s research.