The Return of the Biblical Plagues


Few stories in the Bible are as deeply ingrained in our collective memory as the description of the Ten Plagues. But are these ten Plagues merely legend, or historical fact? Using the Scriptures as historical source, scientists, historians and theologians can now prove that the account of the Plagues was based on actual events. Their trailblazing scientific research yields startling new theories and sheds new light on the Bible.

A three-part Documentary

An international Coproduction

The three-part documentary brings to life a Biblical story that has always struck fear into the hearts of mankind: the story of the Ten Plagues, a catastrophic series of natural and environmental disasters. Our team investigates the natural causes and triggers of the fateful incidents 3500 years ago that made such a deep impression on the collective memories of the peoples of the Middle East. Using state-of-the-art reenactments & CGI, the series asks the probing question: What has today’s generation learned form the biblical heritage?


Lengh: 3 x 52 min.
Locations: Egypt, Marocco, Greece, Germany
TV Premiere: Winter 2009

Gabriele Wengler
Author: Gabriele Wengler, Sandra Papadopoulos
Director of Photography: Hans Jacobi
Stefan Kolbe
Executive Producer: Sascha Verhey
Producer: Bastian Barenbrock

Production: taglicht media in cooperation with ZDF, France 5, ZDF Enterprises