Busy Bees

We are very pleased that our international animal film production “Secrets of the Hive” has been honored with two prizes and is nominated for two other festivals!

At the international film festival EKOTOPFILM – ENVIROFILM 2015 in Bratislava, Czech Republic, “Secrets of the Hive” was awarded the main prize by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic in the category “Nature and Science”.

At the DEAUVILLE GREEN AWARD 2015 in Deauville, France, the jury awarded the film a “Silver Award” in the “Documentary” section of the “Agriculture & Green Economy” category.

In addition, the film is nominated at the renowned German nature film festivals GREENSCREEN and NATURVISION – we keep our fingers crossed!

Story: The film accompanies scientists in Panama, Mexico, the USA and Austria in their quest for solutions to the “pollination crisis” – either by strengthening our honeybee or by finding alternative pollinators.

We would like to thank the whole team:

Dennis Wells, Jörg Adams, Roland Breitschuh, Attila Boa, Rudolf Diesel, Kevin Collins, Attila Boa, Vortex Aerial, Bastian Barenbrock, Patrick Danse, Christian Weihe, Eva Mittermüller, Jan Stefan Kolbe, Schelby DC, Tonmontage, Andreas Schäfer, Beaver Gullatz , Petra Konradi, Ernst-August Schepmann, Simon T. Roden, Jörg Giese, Ingo Eickenbusch, Doris Offermann, Rina Ringl and Bernd Wilting.

We also thank our partners at Terra Mater and the Smithsonian Channel: Andrea Gastgeb, Sabine Holzer, Chris Hoelzl, David Royle and Linda Goldmann.

“Secrets of the Hive” is a coproduction between taglicht media, Terra Mater and the Smithsonian Channel.