Killer in the Caves


A science wildlife thriller about North America’s greatest but barely noticed wildlife disaster, the looming extinction of many North American bats. The film follows researchers and wildlife managers in the US and Canada into caves, laboratories and cooling chambers on their desperate quest to stop the epidemic.

Like criminal investigators they have to connect the dots in a case of mass mortality among a barely known species: the bat. In their quest to save the bats, they apply ground-breaking methods that may shape how we think of conservation biology in the future.

Find out about an unpredecented wildlife disaster: more than 1.5 million bats have died within 4 years – the steepest wildlife decline in North American history. Half of North America’s bat species may become extict within a decade.

Experience the ground-breaking measures scientists take to battle the epidemic. Through special breeding programs they seek to determine the genes that will help the bats to survive. A method that may shape conservation biology around the world.

Understand the dramatic consequences the vanishing of bats might have on the whole eco-system, affecting agriculture because of increased pest populations and raising the risk of insect born illnesses for the human population.