Wild Girl


Five-year-old Miley is not a typical little girl today. Outside in the woods she feels home and she knows what nature has got to give. The little curious and lively girl who lives on a farm in Washington State grows up with a bunch of animals always being outside in the woods and exploring her environment. Certainly Miley has got some pets, but they’re not as one would expect. The little girl owns her own cow, a chicken and lives together with several other animals on the farm. In a world full of technology where kids get bored spending ten minutes without their phones, not being in front of the TV or the Computer she points out that there is so much to see and to discover in this world and she will show us where to find it. On the family farm and in the wood she experiences an adventure everyday. Be it the birth of a baby calf or discovering the incredible creation of a beaver dam. And she certainly is not too girly to bug and sneak anytime wherever she assumes an exciting act of nature. The world has never been more exciting than through the eyes of a child. Especially in the woods there is so much to discover and to learn. The five-year-old Miley loves to be in the woods, seeking for adventure and being close to nature. In a world full of smartphones and videogames she happens to be a natural girl who spends her days with animals, discovering wildlife and learning more about wild species every day. Exploring her environment she will show what she discovers and explain to us the backgrounds of the animals cycles.