Who needs Britain?


The thought-provoking docu-fiction “Europe without England” takes a glimpse into the near future: November 2016. Great Britain has opted out of the European Community. What political, economic and cultural consequences does this have for the rest of Europe? Are we under threat of a new invisible “iron curtain” in Europe?

The fictive stock-take of the situation in 2016 rests on a scenario which economic and European policy experts have created expressly for the film. In this way “Europe without England” finds a new and original approach to one of the most important questions for Europe’s future: do we need the British? Or can Europe survive without the island?

Our future scenario takes a look at the most exciting aspects that could occur if Great Britain were to withdraw from the EU: would transaction tax on mainland Europe lead to an exodus of capital to London? Would German and French cars no longer be exported to Britain, due to London imposing import duties? And could Europe maintain its security interests – or would the EU develop into a military dwarf?