‘Propaganda : The Art of Selling Lies’ at 2019 Hot Docs Festival!

We are happy to announce that our German-Canadian co-production “Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies” (directed by Larry Weinstein) was officially selected for the 2019 Hot Docs Festival in “The Making Believe” program, which examines the multiple ways in which the truth can be deceiving.

Find out which other great films will be screened alongside our 90 minutes ARTE/TVO documentary here: https://mediaintoronto.com/hot-docs-announces-2019-lineup-234-documentaries-and-18-interdisciplinary-projects-from-56-countries-featured-at-north-americas-largest-doc-fest/

From ancient cave drawings to the unbridled stabs of Twitter, every form of media has been exploited in order to sway, awe and intimidate. The intellect is relegated to a distant second place to raw emotion that is fueled by sinister threats and unrealistic promises. Propaganda has been at times relatively innocuous, but at others powerful and deadly, especially in the hands of the most infamously demonic demagogues through the ages.