Frankenstein’s Legacy – The Genius and Lunacy of Modern Medicine


Medical research has reached a point, where everything seems possible! Miracle-cures promise healing through stem cell- and gene therapy; longevity thanks to cryopreservation and cryogenetics; and even head transplants promise not only healing, but immortality – procedures closer to Science Fiction, than to reality!

And everyone happily gobbles it up. The Media advertise the most spectacular and breathtaking attempts, while just as eagerly dismounting overhyped medics, when they fail to deliver and people lose their lives. But how much of it is real? What is really possible and what is an illusion preying on the desperate hope of the fatally ill? Frankenstein’s Legacy investigates the truth behind the promises and the cruel game of false hope. The film distinguishes real medical breakthroughs from the narcissistic drive of scientists and doctors that long for their own immortality, rather than that of their patients.