Sundown for Autos


The business model of the auto industry, as we know it since Ford’s model T, is coming to an end. Diesel congestion, traffic, environmental standards – and on the horizon, the electric future of the car begins. Traditional cars fight for survival. The film shows the struggle of engineers, managers, lobbyists and politicians from Germany, France, the USA and China for the future world market leadership in the automotive industry. It seems like a fight “David vs. Goliath”.

But Goliath has long been standing. They fight for traditional combustion engines. Since 2015 the VW scandal has dramatically accelerated the development. Thanks to the help of the German government, which has successfully prevented the establishment of stricter laws ​​in Brussels, VW & Co. was able to gain time to regenerate. There is a lot going on: Millions of jobs depend on the car industry in Germany.

In three acts, the film tells who will be the winners and losers in the automotive industry of the future. The first act highlights the effects of the VW scandal in the USA as well as in Germany and indicates that there is new competition on the market. In the second act, the suppliers of the car manufacturers are the focus. What happens when their products become obsolete? How many jobs are at stake and how do politicians react? The last act deals with the question of who will be ahead in the future in the ever-changing and highly competitive market.