Miss Stinnes Motors Round the World


“Miss Stinnes Motors Round the world” tells the adventurous story of Clarenore Stinnes, who was the first woman to circle the earth by car, an Eagle Standard 6. Together with her Kameramann, the Swedish Carl-Axel Söderström, she begins the expedition in 1927.

An unspoken love develops between the two, but they must first overcome the obstacles of the journey, their emotions and the conventions, in order to find each other and become partners for life.

The documentary game features a mixture of spectacular footage, shot by Söderström and Stinnes in 1927-29, as well as play scenes featuring the well-known German actress Sandra Hüller (“Requiem” / “Toni Erdmann”) and Bjarne Henriksen (“The Feast”). Thus one of the most unusual adventure and love stories of the 20th century is brought to life again.