It Happened in…


“It Happened in…” is a local history series that takes a closer look at events that once grabbed headlines in North Rhine-Westphalia. Through new clues and eyewitness accounts this documentary series tells surprising new versions of stories we all thought we knew everything about.

The Christmas Flood

Winter 1993 will always be remembered by the people of Cologne. After heavy rains the Rhine bursts its banks on Christmas Eve and floods Cologne’s historic city centre. The damage caused by this ‘flood of the century’ was enormous. The film features dramatic footage and shows just how close the people of Cologne escaped a catastrophe.

The Great Gasoline Gangster

In the 70’s car owners in Western Germany had one hero: Erhard Goldbach, a self-made oil tycoon who sells fuel cheaper than anyone else. Goldin petrol stations guarantee to be 2 pennies cheaper than major corporations. In truth, the success story turns out to be the biggest tax fraud in the history of Germany. Goldbach evaded taxes worth more than 300 million Deutschmarks. The film tells the incredible story of an oil mogul who rose from rags to riches – and ended in jail.

Adenauer’s Last Travel

The documentary reflects the last days in the life of Konrad Adenauer, Germany’s first chancellor after WW2. His death on April 19th 1967 caused sorrow and consternation in the country and is the reason for an unprecedented state funeral. Relatives, journalists and companions allow us to look behind the scenes of this first major media event in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Four Minute Champions!

The documentary deals with the legendary final of the Football Bundesliga in 2001. For four minutes the footballers of the German football club FC Schalke 04 believed their biggest dream came true. But then their biggest rival Bayern München scored a goal in the very last minute during stoppage time and stole the championship from the FC Schalke players, who were already celebrating their triumph…