Nazi Kamikaze – The Ultimate Commitment


Based on the individual fate of six surviving pilots, the film tells the story of German kamikaze missions in the final stages of the Third Reich. Young, inexperienced pilots were forced by military leaders to take part in futile operations which offered them only a minimal chance of survival: in their unarmed aircraft, they were ordered to crash into Allied bomber formations or other strategic targets.

The majority of altogether 100 kamikaze pilots lost their lives in these attacks.

The film features interviews with the surviving pilots; their accounts are accompanied by private photos, farewell letters and archive material, putting the pilots’ personal experiences into the perspective of the military and propagandist goals pursued by the Nazi regime. It was hoped that these “heroic acts of self-sacrifice” would represent a turning point in the war…

See also: Hitler’s 9/11.


Length: 52 min.
Locations: Germany, USA
TV Premiere: April 2005

Director: Christoph Weber
Director of Photography: Jörg Adams, Rod Bachar
Editor: Kawe Vakil
Andreas Schäfer

taglicht media in coproduction with WDR/Arte



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