Hitler’s 9/11


It sounds incredible, but Adolf Hitler’s megalomania knew no limits: from the very outbreak of war, his strategists were forging plans to attack the USA. The most daring of these plans involved German fighter planes crashing into Manhattan’s skyscrapers as living bombs – a project which was to be realized more than 50 years later by the 9/11 terrorists.

Hitler understood the enormous symbolic power of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. He was convinced suicide bombing would have a devastating psychological impact on the American superpower and with this plan, the National Socialist regime hoped to turn the tide of the war.

Contemporary witnesses, archive material and original construction plans show how the destructive fantasy and its monstrous product, the ‘America bomber’, turned into a collective and indiscriminate desire for destruction. Finally, the film shows how the United States learnt about Hitler’s secret plans and reacted. An explosive documentary that has been sold to 16 countries.