Upheaval in the Desert – Mahdi’s Rule


As Rudolf Slatin recognizes the anger in the face of the Arab negotiator, he knows that he has done everything right. Now no one can kill him any more, for he is considered a Muslim.

Rudolf Slatin, 24, a bookseller from Austria, converted to Islam, governor of the Western province of Sudan, finally comes to the Mahdi, a charismatic Islamic leader to whom the West looks around 1880 with similar concern as today to the so-called IS.

For a long time, Slatin and his men had withstood the warriors of the Mahdi. Now, for ten years, he will be the most valuable prisoner in the strange realm of Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad until he escapes through an unprecedented escape, organized by the British secret service.

He will write a book about his experiences, spread in countless editions throughout Europe, a close friend of the British Queen, Salonwöwe, until he finally takes part in the crusade of the British Empire against the Mahdi Empire.

The film attempts to separate propaganda from historical truth and to classify the events at the same time – even in a larger historical context: what societies, what cultures are clashing here, what values ​​are manifested in both Sudan and England?