To Fly is to Conquer – The Hidden History of Lufthansa


For the first time, this investigative documentary uncovers how Deutsche Lufthansa, today’s second-largest airline in the world, participated in Nazi crimes. Long before WW2, the company became Hitler’s shadow air force. Countless cadet pilots were channelled through its training courses and thus became the manpower for future wars.

Hitler rewarded Lufthansa for its loyalty. He gave the company the job of repairing the aircraft of Germany’s Luftwaffe in the event of war. A lucrative deal. When war broke out 10,000 forced labourers from conquered territories were sent in Lufthansa’s repair business. Thus, the airline made huge profits. After the war, Lufthansa successfully covered up its Nazi past for decades – until the filmmakers revealed the truth about the company’s compliciity with the Nazis.

The documentary was widely critically acclaimed and caused a huge media stir in Germany and France. As a result of the film, Lufthansa faces new lawsuits by fromer slave labourers. Still, the company hasn’t come to terms with its Nazi past.

“An outstanding documentary!” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“Thanks to journalists such as Christoph Weber the memory of the past is not suppressed.” (TV Spielfilm)

“A spectacular documentary!” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

“The oppressive chronicle of a global company escaping from its own history.” (epd medien)

“A suppressed chapter of German history that shows how the country is overtaken by the daemons of its past again and again.” (Le Figaro)

Award: Intermedia-Globe Gold 2011