Equus – The Story of the Horse


Ever since the mysterious origins of our extraordinary partnership, horses have shaped the human world. We are heirs today to six millennia of horsepower. It’s no surprise that when the world’s brainiest biped climbed atop the world’s greatest land-runner, that union rapidly changed the planet. At the speed of a horse, human cultures achieved new reach, as horses conquered distance and knit the world together. But what are the origins of this remarkable animal, and how have humans shaped Equus caballus to our needs, creating the 350 breeds we know today.

In 2015, anthropologist Niobe Thompson brought the story of our own origins to screens around the world with the internationally acclaimed three-part series The Great Human Odyssey. Now Thompson rejoins the human story at a critical juncture for our species – when we harnessed horsepower to create a globalized world – and embarks on a fascinating new journey to explore the horse-human relationship. Thompson will take his audience inside groundbreaking new discoveries on the biology of the horse, visit fascinating and little-known horse cultures, and explore the remarkable diversity of the modern horse today.

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